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Galatians, Chapter One, Lesson One

THE AUTHORITY OF GOD            Page 5
V. 4 (Cont'd.)

** Is that describing the world which Paul lived in or the one in which we now live?

Tragically, both! Nothing is different, since the fall of mankind! cf. Ecclesiastes 1:9

** Was this plan of deliverance a surprise to our Father in heaven?

No, it was His own plan and the greatest expression of His will. cf. 2Timothy 1:9, Acts 2:22-23
What an incredible price has been paid for our deliverance!

V. 5 ** To what end did God deliver us from this evil age?

For the glory of God to be on display! Paul draws himself, the brethren with him, the churches throughout Galatia and us to the reality that God is to be glorified. With all that is on his heart to say about justification by faith, instead of works, he first must make this point clear...God's glory!

** How long do you think this glory to God should last?

"...forevermore..." lit."unto the ages of the ages" or "forever and ever". God will receive glory for all time and eternity in its unbroken duration.


** How has "The Authority of God" impacted Paul and the believers in Galatia, and what parallel can we draw to our own life?

1) God's authority "sent" Paul out into the world with the gospel of justification by faith.

2) God's authority granted them "Grace and Peace".

3) God's authority demanded that Christ would die for their sins.

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