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Galatians, Chapter One, Lesson One

THE AUTHORITY OF GOD            Page 2

The last Gaul king died in 25 B.C. and Rome inherited the region. Because the people were called Galatae or Galatians (which meant "nobles"), Rome called the area Galatia. The believers in this area, at the time of this writing, were made up of both Jews and Gentiles.

** Who wrote this epistle?

The apostle Paul - cf. V.1 and chapter 5, V.2

** When did he write it?

Toward the end of 49 A.D. to early 50 A.D. from the town of Antioch (Syria), and before the Jerusalem Council of Acts 15.

** What is the main problem that Paul is going to deal with throughout this epistle?

Judaizers (false-teachers) proclaiming justification by works (keeping of the Law) vs. the gospel of justification by faith alone. cf. Acts 15:1

V. 1 ** Alright then, let's get into the text for today. As Paul writes to the believers throughout the region of Galatia, what is the first issue that he takes to task with His confronters, the Judaizers?

His God given authority! Unlike those who would be attacking him, he was not sent by men.
cf. Col.1:1, 2Corinthians 1:1 and 1Timothy 1:1

** If you did not already know what the term "apostle" meant, how would this verse help you to understand its meaning?

An apostle, Biblically speaking, is one who is not sent from men, but Christ. cf. Acts 9:15-16

** Why is it so important that Paul is not sent by men, nor through the agency of man?

Because he is declaring the authority to proclaim the truth of salvation by grace through faith [alone] as compared to the false-teacher's Satanic lies about salvation through works.

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