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Ephesians, Chapter Six, Lesson Four

THE SPIRIT FILLED LIFE - Part 9            Page 3
V.19 (Cont'd.)

** Why does Paul refer to his message as "the mystery" of the gospel?

It was now being revealed, after being hidden by God Himself from the hearts of men.
cf. Colossians 1:25-27, Romans 16:25-26

V.20 ** What impact, apart from gaining eternal life, has the gospel had on the apostle Paul?

He is an ambassador "in chains". Remember that Paul was under house arrest at the time of this writing. (Acts 28:16)

** What does the word "ambassador" conjure up in your thinking?

It is someone who represents the one who sent him. He has power and authority (given him by the sender). He is protected by the sender and is to behave like his sender.

** What's wrong with the statement "ambassador in chains"?

Ambassadors of and for this world would never be arrested or imprisoned. They have diplomatic immunity and to do so would be a declaration of war.

** What was Paul's main job as the ambassador for Jesus Christ?

"...proclaiming..." the gospel. He was to make the truth known to all. cf. 2Corinthians 5:18-20

** Why do you suppose Paul repeats his thought about speaking boldly in this verse, where he also mentions his imprisonment?

Our boldness is not to be dampened by our circumstances - no matter how severe.

** Does this verse seem to indicate that Paul's boldness under fire is something unusual for a Christian?

Absolutely not! It is the norm, the only standard for which we "ought" to attain. Paul says, "as I ought to speak" - dei lit. "it is necessary"

** Do you think that Paul was bold during his imprisonment to speak out for the progress of the gospel?

Most certainly, as we shall see in a few weeks during our study of Philippians.
cf. Philippians 1:12-14

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