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Ephesians, Chapter Six, Lesson Four

THE SPIRIT FILLED LIFE - Part 9            Page 2

The Spirit Filled Life


V.19 ** Is Paul being selfish as he closes his letter to the Ephesians?

No - in fact he is being humble. He began this important statement on prayer last week in verse 18 when he asked us to be in all prayer, at all times, with all perseverance for all the saints. Here he is merely reminding his readers that he too is just one of "the saints".

** What is at the heart of his prayerful request?

Paul wants to be strengthened by God to speak in such a way to make known the mystery of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

** Why do you think that Paul makes a specific reference to "the opening of [his] mouth"?

The Greek word for "utterance" used here in this verse is logos. It literally means "word" (as embodying an idea - a statement or a speech). cf. Romans 10:17, Matthew 12:35-37

The apostle wants to open his mouth for the cause of Christ, and is asking all of the saints throughout Asia Minor to prayerfully support his fight against satan's lie, using God's truth.

** How do we fit into that portrait?

We are not the ones praying for Paul's mouth, but like Paul should be asking our brothers and sisters to be praying for us and our faithful witness.

** What kind of attitude should accompany the use of our mouth for the cause of Christ?

Boldness! It is amazing where scripture tells us that we can have confidence.
cf. Hebrews 4:16 (before the throne of grace)

It is little wonder that we should be bold before mere men when speaking of our beloved Savior.
cf. Acts 9:27-28, 13:46, 14:3, and 19:8

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