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Ephesians, Chapter Six, Lesson Three

THE SPIRIT FILLED LIFE - Part 8            Page 7


** What was The Christian's Warfare?

The spiritual battle against satan's domain.

** What are The Christian's Weapons ?

The full armor of God - we must be faithful to put it all on and to leave it on!

** What is The Christian's Wisdom ?

We know we cannot do it ourselves, but rest in our utter dependence upon God through prayer.


** Even with a good understanding of all that we have learned together today, what must we remember regarding our strength to win the battle?

It is not our own strength...we simply cannot win over the daily temptations of life by gritting our teeth or "hanging in there".

It is His strength, as we reside in the realm or sphere of the influence of Christ in us.


** What have I learned today (or been reminded of) regarding my warfare, weapons, or wisdom, that I need to work harder at applying?


** Next week, as we draw our study of this marvelous epistle to a close, the apostle Paul will show us just how important prayer is, and how it will build a genuine concern for others in our hearts. But for today, may I encourage you to focus on what our gracious Lord has shown us and be willing for Him to stretch you in your daily walk with God.

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