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Ephesians, Chapter Six, Lesson Three

THE SPIRIT FILLED LIFE - Part 8            Page 4

V.13 ** Why does Paul now repeat his command to "take up the full armor of God"?

Because of the "therefore"! Because of the struggle, the war and the strength of the enemy.

** How does Paul describe the "day" of our battle?

It is the evil day!

** When is that?

Right now! cf. Ephesians 5:16, Galatians 1:4

** How complete a job are we to do in preparing for this warfare?

"...having done everything..." We must not view this life in a casual, it doesn't really matter, attitude.

** If we are willing to obey Paul's command, and we put on the full armor of God - we do everything we can to be prepared, then what do we do - attack?

Absolutely not! We stand! Remember in Whose strength we reside, and with Whose strength we gain the victory. We do not take on satan or his demons, we do not perform exorcisms. We simply stand in the holiness of God, maintaining our integrity while depending on the faithfulness of Christ to defend us. cf. James 4:7-8

V.14 ** Now that we have seen the Christian's Warfare, let's look at the six weapons which make up God's armor designed to help us stand. (Remember Jude 24)

The Christian's Weapons - What is the first one?

1) Truth - aletheia basically refers to the content of that which is true. Like the truth of God's Word. But it can also mean truthfulness, going beyond the truth of the message to the truthfulness of the messenger. cf. Psalm 51:6

** Why does Paul tell us to "gird our loins" with truth?

A soldier would take the ends of his tunic and pull them up around his waist and gird them or tie them with a belt for better mobility in battle. We must not get caught up or entangled in the satanic lies of this world as we stand for Christ. cf. 2Timomthy 2:4

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