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Ephesians, Chapter Six, Lesson Two

THE SPIRIT FILLED LIFE - Part 7            Page 4
V. 6 (Cont'd.)

** Whom should we be trying to please, if not men?

Our gracious Lord and Savior, who gave His life for us! cf. Galatians 1:10

** Paul is saying that The Spirit Filled Christian must not practise the habit of men-pleasing, but he does not leave us there. What does he call for us to do as we live out our lives in the workplace? What is it that will give us our greatest joy?

"...doing the will of God from the heart"! When we can get past the pity party and move on to the higher call of working for the glory of God, we will experience the deep joy that only a child of God can know. The bottom line is, "who do we want to be accepted by - men or God"?

** Before we leave this verse, let's make sure we do not miss the depth of the commitment it is calling for. How deep should this desire for obedience run?

From the core of our being - it should come "from the heart". Lit. "soul", all that we are should desire to obey and respect our employer for the sake of Jesus Christ!

V. 7 ** So if I desire to do God's will in this area of my own Christian labor relations, what can I do?

"render service" translates douleuo, which comes from doulos and means literally "to be a slave and to serve". cf. Romans 12:10-11

** Does our Lord care about our heart's attitude, while we are serving our employer?

Absolutely, it is to be with "good will"! We should be whistling while we work. The word used by Paul for "good will" (thelema) connotes a desire or will and has a root meaning "delight".

** How could I possibly view my workplace environment with such a positive attitude...and be sincere?

The end of this verse holds the key, it is "as to the Lord, and not to men..." What we are seeing is just one more example of the Godly principle of authority and submission at work. God has designed this marvelous principle and if man were to live it out perfectly, there would never be any strife.

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