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Ephesians, Chapter Six, Lesson One

THE SPIRIT FILLED LIFE - Part 6            Page 6


** While sin can cause a "gap" between families, what is the one true path to family harmony and unity?

Parents and children who are living out "The Spirit Filled Life" .


** What was the MANNER with which the spirit controlled child was to respond to their parents?

They are to obey their parents "in the Lord"?

** What was the REASON given for this amazing obedience?

"...for this is right"! There is an absolute standard, even if men choose to reject it.

** And for the parents, what was our only resource if we hope to properly discipline and instruct our beloved children?

Both the discipline and instruction must be "of the Lord"!


** Does this kind of beautiful family portrait just happen naturally?

No! Sin happens naturally! This portrait can only be painted by the Master, using His obedient saints in the fulfillment of His design for the godly family.


** How committed are you to doing your part? Each one of us needs to understand that these are timeless truths, designed by God Himself, and require our full cooperation and participation in building up families to the glory of God. Let's ask Him for the grace to live out what we have learned.

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