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Ephesians, Chapter Five, Lesson Five

THE SPIRIT FILLED LIFE - Part 5            Page 6
V.33 (Cont'd.)

** What are the husbands to do if they are willing to lead "The Spirit Filled Life"?

Love your own wife as yourself - because she is!

** What are the wives to do if they are willing to lead "The Spirit Filled Life"?

Respect their own husbands - reverence, fear, awe, "as to the Lord".


** How does self-preservation fit our text for today?

As husbands and wives individually and faithfully fulfill their calling and role - and because they are one flesh or body, they will always do whatever they can to preserve their marriage and mutual growth in the Lord.


** What are some ways you might advise a husband or wife to live out the role that God has set before them?

1. Deny yourself!
2. Trust in the Lord.
3. Set your affection upon your spouse.
4. Be understanding of God's bigger picture.
5. Be intimate - loving, caring, sharing (thalpo).
6. Do not listen to the world's standard.
7. Live your marriage for God's glory.


** What do you need to work on in your own life and role that will prepare you for the future? Whether that future is five years from now, or just five minutes from now - how can you be better prepared?


** Will you go before your Heavenly Father now and share something with Him about your own heart that He can refine as He continues to change you into the image of His Son? We need to be husbands and wives that reflect His design!

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