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Ephesians, Chapter Five, Lesson Five

THE SPIRIT FILLED LIFE - Part 5            Page 4
V.29 (Cont'd.)

** Besides Christians, Who else is in the nourishing and cherishing business according to this verse?

Jesus Christ, Himself! Jesus proves to be for us the best possible example of what a husband is to be for his wife. Jesus shows Himself to be a provider, protector and preserver for His church. We husbands would do well to follow His example as we fulfill our God given role as head of the body. For a Biblical example of these three principles, join me in Hebrews 13:20-21.

1. Provider - Salvation through His blood.
2. Protector - As the Great Shepherd.
3. Preserver - Equipping us to do His will.

** How do those three principles fit a husband's role?

1. Provider - 1Timothy 5:8
2. Protector - 2Thessalonians 3:3
3. Preserver - Ephesians 5:26-27

V.30 ** Back in today's passage, why does Christ do all of this for us - what reason is given?

Because we are members of His body! That is the motive we spoke of earlier. Christ is in the business of preserving His body here on earth. We should be thankful that we are His body!
cf. Romans 12:5 - We are one body
Hebrews13:5-6 - He will not desert or forsake us
1Peter 5:7 - He cares for us
Philippians 4:19 - He provides for us

All of this, because we are His body!

V.31 ** As Paul continues his epistle, he shifts to an Old Testament quote, using it as if it were his own next words. In light of our calling from God to be a husband or wife according to scripture, of what importance is this quote?

From Genesis 2:24 - Moses was saying that when a man and woman get married, they leave (permanently) what has been their closest relationship so far in life with their parents and form (permanently) a new one. One of greater love, caring, sharing and intimacy.

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