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Ephesians, Chapter Five, Lesson Five

THE SPIRIT FILLED LIFE - Part 5            Page 3
V.28 (Cont'd.)

** Back in our text for today, to drive home the point of body/head oneness or unity, what does Paul say a husband is doing by loving His wife?

He is loving himself! Why is that true?
Because she is his life, his breath, his all! She is his body!

V.29 ** Ok, let's hang onto the fact that the husband is not on a self-love ego trip, but is instead unwaveringly committed to the love of his wife because he views her as his body. With that in mind, what rationale does Paul introduce in verse 29.

No one ever hated his own flesh!

** In this metaphor, who is represented by the flesh?

The wife! Remember, Paul is addressing the husband's love for his wife - his body.

** Instead of hating his flesh, what does he do for her?

He both nourishes and cherishes her!

** What are some ways that a man should care for his physical body?

1. Keep it healthy. 2. Protect it from harm.
3. Make it a vessel for the Lord. cf. 1Corinthians 6:19-20

** This passage is going to introduce us to the romance in our marriage - these next two terms provide that for us. What does it mean to "nourish"?

ektrepho - lit. "to bring up to maturity", we are to love our wives with such an intimacy, that we feed them for the purpose of causing their growth in the Lord and in our relationship together. This requires "knowing" them from every angle - remember "in an understanding way". This requires spending the time necessary to understand their needs.

** How about the next term, what does cherish mean?

thalpo - lit. "to warm", as with body heat. This is the tender caressing of a mother deer, who would use her own body heat to protect her young from the freezing snow. This term brings more intimacy than ever to the relationship of man and wife.

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