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Ephesians, Chapter Five, Lesson Five

THE SPIRIT FILLED LIFE - Part 5            Page 2

The Spirit Filled Life


V.28 ** What pattern is Paul referring to at the opening of our passage for today?

Jesus' pattern of love for His church, a love that:

1) "He might sanctify her" hagiazo - to make holy, to set apart to God cf. Hebrews 10:10
The husband is to spend his life seeing to it that his wife is "set apart" to God.

2) "having cleansed her...with the word"
cf. Titus 3:5 The husband is to continually purify his wife with the word of God.

3) "present to Himself the church" cf.2Corinthians 11:2
The husband is to work toward the goal of presenting his pure wife to God.

4) "having no spot or wrinkle" The absence of a moral or spiritual stain. cf. Deuteronomy 17:1
The husband is to know his wife and tenderly work at removing any such spot or wrinkle.

5) "she should be holy and blameless" cf. Colossians 1:22
When all is said and done, the husband needs to show his love for his wife by presenting her to God as one who is above reproach.

** "So then", husbands who follow Christ's pattern will love their own wives to what extent?

"as their own bodies" - Jesus loves us as His body, with a totally committed, sacrificial love.

** Is Paul saying that men should have a preoccupation and love for their own literal body?

No! It does not take any time at all for the ego to take over when someone becomes consumed with their own body conditioning, this is not what Paul is referring to. cf. 1Timothy 4:7-8

** Then what are men to love?

Their own wives "as their own bodies".
cf. V.23 - If the husband is the head to the wife, what is the wife to the husband? His body!

** When Paul says that husbands "ought" also to love their wives, what does the word "ought" imply?

opheilo - lit. "to owe", we are indebted, bound or morally obligated to fulfill this call of God.
All see - 1Peter 3:7 God's command to husbands!

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