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Ephesians, Chapter Five, Lesson Four

THE SPIRIT FILLED LIFE - Part 4            Page 7


** As you look back over today's text, how many rights in marriage have husbands and wives been reminded of by the apostle Paul?

Absolutely none! We are only given blessed duties, designed by God Himself, to bring us joy and glory to His name. We need to lose ourselves in the specific role He has graciously granted to us and be faithful to the call.


** What was the MANNER and REASON for a Christian wife to be in subjection to her "own husband"?

MANNER - "as to the Lord".
REASON - God has ordained a man to be the head of his wife.

** What was the MANNER and REASON for a Christian husband to be "subject" to his wife?

MANNER - "just as Christ also loved His church".
REASON - to bring glory to God through his beloved wife.


** As you allow your heart to review what we have seen in this study, how are you responding to God's call and the specific role He has designed for your life in marriage? Is there one area of understanding or application that seems difficult or elusive to you?


** We are spending two weeks on this most important topic of marriage from God's perspective. For next week, I would like to ask you to spend time alone or with your spouse, writing down questions or specific scenarios related to marriage, then bring those questions back to this text and let the Spirit of God direct you into your God honoring role.

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