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Ephesians, Chapter Five, Lesson Four

THE SPIRIT FILLED LIFE - Part 4            Page 5
V.25 (Cont'd.)

** If wives are the submissive pillar, does Paul tell husbands to exercise authority, give commands, take charge!?!

Of course not! The husband's authority is implied by the wife's submission.

** Even as he fills his God ordained role of authority, or head of the body (his marriage), how does the husband manifest his heart attitude of subjection toward his wife - what command does Paul give him to personally and specifically apply this truth?

"Husbands love your wives" - Here again is the call to apply our subjective hearts to our own spouse!

** Like with the role of the wife, let's look at the MANNER and the REASON for this most important command which Paul has issued to every Christian husband. What word do you suppose Paul used here for love?

agapao - this is the sacrificial, unconditional, action oriented love that God showed toward us in providing our salvation through the death of His only begotten Son! cf. John 3:16

When compared to the "love" the wife is to have for her husband; which we saw earlier in Titus 2:4 - philandros, from the root word phileo, meaning to be her husband's friend, this love willingly gives itself up for the object loved.

** Do you suppose the Christian husband is to love his wife so sacrificially because she is so submissive and such a godly example to him?

No - This is a direct and independent command! She might be very disobedient at times (the church is to Christ) or she might not even be a believer.
Remember what we saw in 1Corinthians 7:16 - "whether you will save your wife"!

** Alright then, what is the MANNER and to what extent is the husband to love his wife?

"just as Christ also loved the church"

** How did Jesus Christ choose to show His love for the church?

By giving "Himself up for her"! cf. Ephesians 5:2 & 23

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