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Ephesians, Chapter Five, Lesson Four

THE SPIRIT FILLED LIFE - Part 4            Page 2

The Spirit Filled Life


V.22 ** Where is Paul's command to Christian wives really found?

Back in verse 21 - "be subject to one another"
Verse 22 merely personalizes the command to wives, as verse 25 will do for husbands.

** As we learn these specific applications of Paul's command to be subject to one another, we will see both the MANNER and the REASON for which we are to be in submission to one another. Do you recall from last week the definition we learned for "be subject"?

hupotasso - a military term meaning "to arrange or rank under". As Christians we desire to consider others as more important than ourselves. cf. Philippians 2:3

** While that is a general principle that describes who we are to be as those who belong to Jesus Christ, how does it apply specifically in the closest, most intimate relationship among mankind - marriage? Does being in subjection mean "agreeing with" or "obeying commands"?

No! This is speaking of the attitude of the heart! If I desire to consider my spouse as more important to me than myself, I will want to please her even if I disagree with her!
cf. Ephesians 5:10

If I do not wish to please my spouse more than myself, I am not being submissive at heart, no matter what I might be telling myself.

** Alright then, to whom is the Holy Spirit Filled wife to be in subjection?

To her "own husband" - this is why we know that Paul is getting more specific in his call for a submissive attitude in Christians, as he now applies it to marriage.

** What is the importance of the wife's submission being directed toward her "own husband".

It shows a voluntary subjection to that which is part of her. This entire passage is built upon the reality that we are not our own, but belong to a greater whole for God's glory. cf. V.31

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