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Ephesians, Chapter Five, Lesson Three

THE SPIRIT FILLED LIFE - Part 3            Page 6

V.21 ** Finally, let's look at the seventh characteristic for today. What is it, based upon verse 21?

"Be subject to one another" - hupotasso (lit. to arrange or rank under) This should be the defining characteristic of a Christian. If we are imitating the Lord Jesus Christ, we will desire submission to be THE attitude of our hearts. cf. Philippians 2:3-8

** What motive does Paul present to us for doing this?

It is "in the fear of Christ". If we are truly His children, we will obey out of reverential awe!

** What impact would that have on our marriages if we all lived out that principle with our spouses?

With everyone serving each other, we would truly reflect Christ and His church to the world as they observed our homes and marriages.

Paul is going to take this principle for all Christians and show us how it fits into marriage over the next two weeks, but for today it is enough for us to embrace this critical role as we live under the Holy Spirit's control.


** Alright then, let's review what Paul has shown us in this study. What are the seven characteristics of living "The Spirit Filled Life"?

1. We are careful how we walk
2. We have wisdom from God's word
3. We make the most of our opportunity
4. We understand the will of God
5. We choose what influences us
6. We sing praise to God with thankful hearts
7. We are in subjection to one another


** What was the motive for this kind of behavior?

"in the fear of Christ" - reverential awe!


** As you look into your own heart, do you see a desire for the Holy Spirit to have absolute control of who you are? Do you wish to see more of these characteristics displayed in your daily walk? If Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savor, out of worship for Him are you willing to make significant changes as His Holy Spirit leads you through your growth as a child of God who imitates his or her spiritual Father?


** For us to apply all of what we have seen today, we are going to have to do two things. One - do not focus on the role of our partner, how he or she is doing. And two - expose ourselves willingly to God's Holy Spirit that He might have free reign with our lives. May we become the husbands and wives that He desires us to be for His glory sake!

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