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Ephesians, Chapter Five, Lesson Two

THE SPIRIT FILLED LIFE - Part 2            Page 6
V.14 (Cont'd.)

** Even though he is primarily addressing those sinners who only produce "deeds of darkness" and exhorting them to "arise from the dead" - is there a principle here that can be applied to a Christian who has fallen into a sinful pattern or practice in their life?

Yes - Wake up! cf. The "dead" church at Sardis in Revelation 3:1-6


** As we strive to live "The Spirit Filled Life" in our marriages and with others around us, what were some specific commands or examples given to us today that would better equip us for the task?

1. Do not be partakers with non-Christians, in their sin.
2. Walk as children of light (be who we are).
3. Bear the fruit of the light (goodness, righteousness and truth).
4. "Prove" what is pleasing to the Lord.
5. Expose sin by our godly behavior and the Word.
6. Witness to the lost - wake up!


** How many of those six could be used by the Lord to strengthen our relationship with our spouse?

All six!
1. When we do not partake in the sin of the world, we purify our marriage.
2. When we walk as children of the light, we remove the dark shadows of sin in our relationship.
3. When we bear the fruit of the light, we cause our love to grow in godly virtue.
4. When we prove what is pleasing to the Lord, He blesses our relationship.
5. When we humbly and gently expose sin, we cleanse our love for each other.
6. When we witness to the lost world, we join together as man and wife in the high calling of living for Christ.


** Which of these areas needs the most work? If we are serious about our relationship to the Lord and to each other, we need to make time for evaluation.


** May I encourage you to sit down together this week and review how you are doing? Should the Lord lay one or more of these items on your hearts, be faithful to walk in obedience.

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