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Ephesians, Chapter Five, Lesson Two

THE SPIRIT FILLED LIFE - Part 2            Page 5
V.11 (Cont'd.)

** There is a wonderful phenomenon going on here, if we are "children of light" and sin is categorized as the "deeds of darkness", what will happen when it gets around us?

It will be exposed by the "light" - even if it was in our own hearts!

V.12 ** What apparent contradiction appears in verse twelve?

If it is "disgraceful" (obscene) even to speak of the things which they do, how can we expose them if we do not speak of them?

Paul is linking the phrase "to speak of" back to his command for us to "not participate" - in other words, not only is it disgraceful to do the deeds of darkness, it is also disgraceful to just talk about doing it. It should not become any part of our conversation. Remember last week in verse four, "there must be no...coarse jesting".

V.13 ** So how are sinful deeds exposed?

By being exposed by the light! By being around our good, righteous and truthful behavior and the light of God's word - even in our hearts. cf. John 3:19-21, Romans 12:17-21, Psalm 119:105 and Hebrews 4:12-13

** What does Paul mean by "everything that becomes visible is light"?

The best Greek manuscripts place this phrase in verse 14 and it is better translated "for it is light that makes everything visible" (NIV).

V.14 ** As we expose sin by our Godly lifestyle and the word of God, what is the reason - what are we to say to someone who responds?

Wake Up! Arise from the dead! Place your faith in Christ and He will shine on you.

** What Old Testament prophet is Paul borrowing from here in his invitation to salvation?

Isaiah 60:1-3 - describing Israel's coming glory in the millennial kingdom, Paul is here calling the sinner out of darkness into the glory of Christ.

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