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Ephesians, Chapter Five, Lesson One

THE SPIRIT FILLED LIFE - Part 1            Page 4
V. 3 (Cont'd.)

** To better understand the context of what Paul is saying which is designed to contrast the world's view of love and God's view of love, let's look at these six terms individually.

Immorality (porneia) - refers to all sexual sin, we get our word "pornography" from this word. It connotes an uncontrolled, undisciplined lifestyle built upon sexual sin.

Impurity (akatharsia) - This is a more general term referring to anything unclean. Ten of the eleven times this word is used in the New Testament it is referring to immoral thoughts, passions, ideas, and every other form of sexual corruption.

Greed - used with immorality and impurity speaks of the self-will, self gratification, and
self-centeredness of a person who knows nothing of the love of God. cf. Ephesians 4:19

** What does Paul mean when he says that this type of unloving lifestyle is not even to be named among us?

There is no justification for any of these things to be a regular part of our life.

** Is this an abnormal standard being set by Paul for the children of God to try and follow?

No! It is the norm, it is "proper" for saints. We are the "hagios" or holy ones, set aside for the purpose of imitating our holy God. cf. Romans 13:14, 1Peter 2:11

V. 4 ** Remembering that these all represent the fallen world's view of love, affection and acceptance, what are the next three things that should not be a part of our life if we are being controlled by the Holy Spirit?

Filthiness - this term refers to general obscenity. It comes from the same Greek root as "disgraceful" in verses 11-12 of this chapter. It is a shameless and immoral conduct or speech.

Silly talk - (morologia) is derived from the Greek word "moros", from which we get our word moron. It is speaking of stupid talk, senseless, carrying the idea of filthy connotations as in the speech of a fool or drunkard.

Coarse jesting - This speaks of the ability to shift any innocent topic of conversation to that which is obscene. This kind of individual looks for every opportunity to display his immoral wit.

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