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Ephesians, Chapter Four, Lesson Six

WALKING IN KINDNESS            Page 6

V.31 ** What three negative attitudes are we to avoid?

Bitterness, wrath and anger. That can be understood as "smoldering resentment, antagonism and self-centered fuming".

** What three actions will always be produced by those sinful attitudes?

clamor, slander, malice - or "public outburst, evil speaking behind another's back and delighting in inflicting injury upon others".

** What does Paul say to do with these negative attitudes and actions?

"put [them] away from you"

V.32 ** In their place, what three attitudes should we always maintain in our walk with the Lord?

"kindness, tender-heartedness and forgiveness"

** How effective do you think we would be in "Walking in Kindness" if we always maintained these three attitudes toward others?

We are guaranteed victory!

** What motive does Paul present before us to make us desire these attitudes at all times?

This is exactly how our gracious God has treated us!
"just as God in Christ also has forgiven you"!


** If we are "Walking in Kindness", what are the five ways that we will exhibit the genuineness of our Christian faith?

1. By speaking the truth to one another.
2. By controlling our anger.
3. How we view our possessions.
4. How we control our speech.
5. How we control our attitudes and the actions they will produce.

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