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Ephesians, Chapter Four, Lesson Six

WALKING IN KINDNESS            Page 5
V.29 (Cont'd.)

Earlier in this study we saw that we are to speak truth with one another as a broad parameter to what comes out of our mouth and heart. cf. Psalm 141:3 and Colossian 3:8

** Paul is now going to get far more specific in his instruction to us as to how we are to speak. Instead of "unwholesome" words, what are we to speak?

"only such a word as is good for edification"
What a challenge! We would truly be "Walking in Kindness" if this were true of our speech pattern. cf. Matthew 12:36-37

** How frequently are we to be ready to do this?

"according to the need of the moment" - always! Every moment of every day!

** Who was the Master at doing this?

Jesus, of course! cf. Luke 4:22
Wouldn't it be wonderful if people were amazed at the "gracious words" we always spoke, because we are just like Him Who gave His life for us?!?

** If we were to be faithful in this area, what impact would it have on our audience?

"...it [would] give grace to those who hear..."

V.30 ** According to verse 30, if we do not control our speech what will be the impact upon the Spirit of Christ in us?

It will give Him grief!

** What rather significant reason is given to us in this verse for not wanting to grieve Him?

He has sealed us for the day of redemption! We owe Him everything, the very least of which should be a desire to speak in a manner that would bring Him glory and pleasure.
cf. 2Corinthians 8:9


** These last two verses will give us the fifth way we are to exhibit our Christian faith.

5. By controlling our attitudes and the actions they will produce.

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