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Ephesians, Chapter Four, Lesson Six

WALKING IN KINDNESS            Page 4

V.27 ** According to verse 27, what will happen if we are not careful to monitor our anger?

The devil will gain an opportunity! cf. James 4:7 and Revelation 12:10

V.28 ** Up to this point we have seen that we exhibit our Christian faith by "Walking in Kindness" when we 1) Speak truth to one another and 2) Control our anger. What is the third way we can exhibit our faith?

3. How we view our possessions!

** What are the three basic ways of gaining possessions?

Earning them, receiving them as gifts, stealing!

** Paul addresses all three in this verse. What is his instruction to the one who would steal?

Stop! This is not intended to be complicated. If we are Christians who are "Walking in Kindness" we would never view possessions as more important than people and then from that perspective be inclined to steal what belongs to others.

** What about just little things, how urgent is this command in the mind of Paul?

"...steal no longer..." - it is emphatic! Stop immediately! The name of Christ is at stake!

** According to what he is saying in this verse, what is the only acceptable alternative given for stealing?

"labor" - hard work!

** How do we know that Paul expects the ex-thief to be directly involved in this labor?

He is "performing with his own hands what is good".

** Why should he do that?

So that he can then share with others who have need, this is a complete reversal of his view of possessions. cf. Acts 20:33-35 (Paul himself)

V.29 ** Let's move on to the fourth way we can exhibit our Christian life, what is it?

4. How we control our speech!

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