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Ephesians, Chapter Four, Lesson Five

WALKING IN TRUTH            Page 6


** For a Christian, what is bad about being a creature of habit?

We can find ourselves acting in opposition to who we truly are! Our flesh is still sinful and wants us to continue in all of our old patterns of sinful habit.

** Likewise - as a Christian, what is good about being a creature of habit?

We can learn and form new habits which are devoted to the glory of God and grow up into Christ. cf. Ephesians 4:15


** Wanting to always be "Walking in Truth", what habits in my life do I need to eliminate?

This question can only be answered as you personally examine your daily walk with the Lord.

** Given that same motive, what habits do I need to form that my life might better reflect the likeness of Him who died for my sin?

Again, this is between you the your Lord. But be sure to take the time to pray about this most important descision.


** As we boldly ask our Father in heaven to keep us "Walking in Truth", we must be willing to allow Him to examine our hearts. Please prayerfully consider those two questions over this next week.

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