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Ephesians, Chapter Four, Lesson Five

WALKING IN TRUTH            Page 5
V.24 (Cont'd.)

** Where do we find these two characteristics always residing?

In "the truth".

** And from earlier today, Who is the Truth?

Our beloved Lord Jesus Christ!

** Earlier in this letter (Ephesians 3:16) we saw the apostle praying for believers to be straightened by God in their inner man. When we are, we do reflect His righteousness and holiness to others around us, but what about old habits dying hard - what practical step can we take that would keep us "Walking in Truth" for the sake of Jesus' name?

Please look with me for a moment at Romans 13:13-14 for the simple reality that can give us the daily victory for "Walking in Truth".

1) Behave properly - don't carouse, get drunk, get involved in sexual promiscuity and sensuality, do not enter into strife or jealousy.

2) Do "put on the Lord Jesus Christ" - wear Him as your garment of righteousness and holiness in a practical sense, as a deterrent to the temptation for feeding our sinful flesh and its deceptive lust.


** Back in our passage for today, how does Paul address to position of a Christian with reference to his or her old way of life?

We have (by God's grace) repented and laid it aside no longer following its deceptive demands.

** Having been renewed by the Holy Spirit, with the Word of God unto a new mindset, what likeness is our life to project?

The "righteousness and holiness" of our God!

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