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Ephesians, Chapter Four, Lesson Five

WALKING IN TRUTH            Page 2
V.21 (Cont'd.)

** Throughout this epistle Paul has been repeatedly confirming the salvation of his readers, is he now questioning that salvation in verse 21?

No, his statement is rhetorical and could be translated "since you have heard". Paul is writing to Christians (1:1 - 'to the saints...who are faithful in Christ Jesus) and is going to use the reality that they have heard to draw them into a specific pattern of walk or lifestyle.

** Notice that verse 21 says they had "heard Him" - did these Believers in Asia-minor all meet Jesus and hear Him personally?

No - again, the vast majority would have never personally seen the face of our Lord, a fact that Peter refers to when discussing the value of saving faith. cf. 1Peter 1:7-9

** How then did they hear?

This question needs to be answered on several levels. First of all:

Romans 10:14-17 - They had "heard" through Paul's ministry of sharing the "good news" with a lost world.

Acts 20:18-21 and 31 - Paul labored "with tears" for their souls to come to know the Truth.

** Ultimately though, Who does the non-Christian hear and by Whom are they taught so as to be saved?

God Himself! Remember your own salvation, God alone illumines the heart with His saving truth!
cf John 8:47, 10:27, Acts 3:22-23, Hebrews 3:7-8

** At the moment of our salvation, God confirms His truth in our hearts regarding the Person of His Son.
Where does "the" Truth reside?

"just as truth is in Jesus"

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