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Ephesians, Chapter Four, Lesson Four

WALKING IN LIGHT            Page 5
V.20 (Cont'd.)

** Next week we will see how our "learning" about Christ causes us to desire "Walking in Truth", but for now - As you personally apply the statement here in verse 20 to your own life today, for what do you find yourself to be most thankful?

Our salvation! It is because of our exposure to Jesus Christ, the drawing of the Father and the conviction of the Holy Spirit, that we have come to know Him. By God's grace we are no longer in the dark world of sin, but have been transformed into His kingdom of light!
All - cf. Colossians 1:13-14

** Back in our passage for today, is it possible to find ourselves acting like our former way of life?

Absolutely! That is why Paul, at the beginning of our text for this today was agreeing or affirming with the Lord that we should "walk no longer just as the Gentiles also walk". (V.17)


** Has our passage today helped you to see the plight of unregenerate man?

Yes - theirs is a dark and desparate condition needing the grace of God to the same degree as did our own lives.

** If we are truly "Walking in Light", how will we be different from the negative example we have seen today?

We will avoid any fleshly manifestation the ungodly character traits which belong to the unsaved.


** What was the four fold description of the lost, which the apostle Paul shared with us today?

1) "being darkened in their understanding"
2) "excluded from the life of God"
3) "ingnorance that is in them"
4) "hardness of their heart"

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