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Ephesians, Chapter Four, Lesson Two

WALKING IN GRACE            Page 5
V.10 (Cont'd.)

** In your own words, what do you think is Paul's main point relative to the Person of Jesus Christ here in verses 8-10?

No one else who ever lived could be described in this manner. Christ alone is sovereign and has earned the right to "give gifts to men"(V.7).

** According to verse seven, how many Christians have not received a spiritual gift by God's grace?

None! God's grace has given Christ's gift to "each one of us"! (V.7)

** If we are "Walking in Grace" each day, how will we use our spiritual gift?

We will "employ it in serving one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God".
(Remember - 1Peter 4:10)


** How do we know that the spiritual gift we have received comes with the authority to use it?

It comes from the only One who could prove Himself to be the Sovereign Ruler of the universe by both descending to the lower parts of the earth to reclaim His own from the captivity of death and by ascending to the right hand of the Father, thus filling all things with His glory!


** If I want to be "Walking by Grace", using the spiritual gift that Christ has bestowed upon me through His Holy Spirit, how can I know what my areas of giftedness are?

If we will submit our lives to His use and will, as we serve our Lord, He will make known to those around us how He has graciously gifted us for His glory!


** Let's ask our Father in heaven to use us this week in our own unique area of giftedness, that the glory of Christ might be put on display as we are "Walking in Grace".

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