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Ephesians, Chapter Four, Lesson Two

WALKING IN GRACE            Page 2
V. 7 (Cont'd.)

** Paul mentions that grace was given to "us". How does he describe this group of recipients?

God's grace was given "to each one of us". A group of individuals who have collectively been blessed in unique ways with the grace of God.

** Who are these people?

All Christians - in Paul's letter, he is referring to the Christians in Ephesus and Asia Minor to whom he is writing, but the truth he is sharing applies to us today as well.

** Is it possible for the children of God to walk, or do anything else for that manner, outside of God's grace?

No - in Him we live and move and have our being.
cf. John 1:16-17, Acts 17:28 and Romans 5:1-2

** If we are Christians, and by definition always "Walking in Grace", what are we to do with the grace that is continually being bestowed upon our lives? For the answer to that question, let's go a little further into this verse. When God bestowed His grace upon us, what was it according to?

"the measure of Christ's gift."

** Do you see that there must be a difference between God's grace and "Christ's gift"?

Yes - one is "according to the other" or is manifested by the other. Paul is referring to an enabling grace from God that equips us for a very special job. Here are some examples of this kind of grace:

Ephesians 6:10 - strength of His might
Philippians 4:13 - ability to do all things
1Timothy 1:12 - made usable for service
2Timothy 4:17 - boldness and deliverance

** Alright then, we received this grace according to Christ's gift - what is that?

Our own, individual, unique spiritual gift!
cf. 1Peter 4:10

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