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Ephesians, Chapter Four, Lesson One

WALKING IN LOVE            Page 6
V. 6 (Cont'd.)

** In your own words, what three attributes of our God and Father does Paul now place before us?

His Sovereignty - Over all
His Providence - Through All
His Intimacy - In All

It is glorious to think about our loving heavenly Father being behind us as we are "Walking in Love".


** What are the four characteristic of "walking worthy of our calling"?

1) Humility, 2) gentleness, 3) patience (with the circumstances of life) and
4) forbearance (with the people in our life).


** This is a hard question, because it may make you think that I am asking you to brag. Which of these characteristics have you seen manifested in your life since becoming a Christian?

All of them - even though there are times I fail, it is His work in me that produces my worthy walk. It is truly to God be the glory!


** If we are willing to always be "Walking in Love" for the sake of Jesus Christ, what will we be doing at the same time according to verse three of our text?

We will work hard at preserving the Holy Spirit's unity in the body of Christ, while enjoying the environment of peace that Christ purchased for us with His own blood.


** Please take a moment now to go before our gracious Lord and let Him examine your heart. For those times that you know you were not "Walking in Love", ask Him to forgive you and then leave it in the past. Let's all press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ by trying each day to be one of His children who is always "Walking in Love".

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