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Ephesians, Chapter Four, Lesson One

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Walking in Love


V. 1 ** As the apostle writes this epistle, he again exposes his own personal view of his circumstances. How does he do that here at the beginning of chapter four?

By stating that he is "the prisoner of the Lord". Throughout all of his letters, Paul will mention this fact six times - knowing that the Lord uses him in any and every circumstance for the advance of the gospel. cf. Philippians 1:12-14

** We saw Paul use the same term back in chapter 3, verse one. Could this pattern in Paul's life become an issue for us in our life today?

Absolutely! Scripture unapologetically informs us that we will suffer for Christ if we are living for Him, because the world hates Him and therefore us as well.
cf. John 15:18-19, 2Timothy 3:12, 1Peter 3:17

** As Paul opens our passage for today, he again uses the word "therefore". Why did he do that at this point in his letter?

As we said at the outset, Paul has spent three chapters giving us the doctrinal truths concerning all that we are "in Christ". Now he is shifting to application and exhortation to help us live out an obedient response to God's marvelous grace.

We must not miss a very important Biblical principle which lies behind Paul's method. We need sound doctrine to energize our obedience! cf. Psalm 119:11

** So, because of all the doctrine he has given to the Ephesians, does he now feel comfortable issuing a command for them to obey?

No - He begs or pleads with them. "Entreat" translates the word parakaleo, which we have learned before. It means literally to call to one's side, with the idea of wanting to help.
cf. Galatians 4:12

** Here in verse one, what phrase does Paul use that proves to be a good description of an obedient Christian's lifestyle?

"...walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called..."

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