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Ephesians, Chapter Three, Lesson Three

SPIRITUAL STRENGTH            Page 2
V.14 (Cont'd.)

The many unifying truths that have been bestowed upon both Jew and Gentile as blessings from God, which Paul just spoke of in chapter two and the mystery of their oneness in Christ.

For example:
2:15 - They both become one new man in Christ
2:16 - All believers are in one body
2:17 - Both groups share peace with God
2:19 - Equally citizens of God's kingdom
2:19 - Equally members of God's family
2:22 - Together they form the dwelling place of God in the Spirit

** As Paul begins his prayer on behalf of the Ephesians, what is his first act?

To "bow" his knees before the Father. Paul is consumed with a reverence for God and out of that genuine reverence he humbles himself by bowing his knee.

** Do all prayers of humility and adoration for God then have to be on bended knee?

No - it is the heart that the Lord is concerned with, not our knees!
cf. 1Peter 5:6, James 4:10

V.15 ** As we move into this next verse, who are the people to whom Paul is referring?

Christians only! "Every family" is literally translated as "the whole family".

** What have we just seen in chapter two that helps us to understand which family this is?

2:18 - we have our access...to the Father
2:19 - we are of God's household
2:20 - we (Christians) are the dwelling of God

** According to Paul, where does this family reside?

"in heaven and on earth" - He is referring to all of the saints, whether here in the body or at home with Christ. cf. 2Corinthians 5:6-8

** What is at the end of verse 15 which serves as a another reason for us to know that Paul is talking about believers only?

This family "derives its name" from the Father.
cf. John 8:44 - Pharisees and the devil
1John 3:10 - children of the devil are obvious

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