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Ephesians, Chapter Three, Lesson One



** Next week we will see Paul's and our "Spiritual Service" as it relates to the gospel of Jesus Christ, but for today let's look back over the passage and review the three examples from the life of the apostle which are worthy of our emulation.

As we fulfill our own "Spiritual Stewardship" before a Holy God, what three things should be the defining characteristics of our walk?

1) Selflessness - Like Paul who is driven to prayer on behalf of the very ones for which he was presently imprisoned. (V.1 and V.14)

2) Use my salvation/stewardship for the benefit of others. (V.2)

3) Be willing to help others understand the mysteries of Christ, which to the unsaved today remains a mystery.


** We are so fortunate to be living in a time and age when the Holy Spirit takes up residency in the heart of every believer, when we have God's revealed word and we are able to understand the deeper truths of Scripture regarding the Person of Jesus Christ!

Are you living each day showing your thankfulness for God's sovereign timing in your life?


** How can we manifest that thankfulness each day?

By following Paul's godly examples, we can:

1) Pray for others
2) Be spent for others
3) Be willing to teach others


** While it would be wonderful to apply all three examples to our lives, let me ask you to choose just one from our list and commit to the Lord your desire to grow in that area this week.

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