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Ephesians, Chapter Two, Lesson Two

BROUGHT NEAR IN CHRIST            Page 5

V.15 ** As Paul moves on toward "Our Destiny", he says that Christ abolished in His flesh the "enmity". What does that mean?

echthra - "a deep rooted hatred, or irreconcilable hostility". This was no small grievance from one group to another, it represents a life long, life and death struggle!

** How does Paul further describe this enmity?

"which is the Law of commandments contained in ordinances"

** Is Paul saying that the Word of God was the cause for the hateful separation between these two groups?

No - He is saying that the Jews' emphasis on the ceremonial law vs. the moral law was driving an irrevocable wedge between them. All see - Matthew 22:34-40 and Matthew 15:3-6

** Now back in Ephesians 2:15, what is the destiny of every Believer, whether Jew or Gentile?

"He might make the two into one new man" - The word for "new" (kainos) does not mean something recently completed, like a new house or car. Rather, it refers to a difference in kind and quality, unlike anything that has existed before.

** When this happened, what was accomplished?

"thus establishing peace" - What a blessed destiny for all Believers! To be knit together in love and to grow together in the bond of peace!

V.16 ** Whether a person is Jewish or Gentile, black or white, rich or poor, male or female, what common problem do they all share?

They need to be reconcile in one "body" to God!
cf. 2Corinthians 5:20

** According to verse 16, how is that accomplished?

"through the cross" of our Lord Jesus Christ.

** Paul now closes his thoughts for today with a single statement that can be applied to two different situations. What is the statement?

That "by it (the cross of Christ)" God has "put to death the enmity".

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