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Ephesians, Chapter Two, Lesson Two

BROUGHT NEAR IN CHRIST            Page 4
V.13 (Cont'd.)

** Alright then, still in verse 13 - How does Paul go about describing the Gentiles?

"you who formerly were far off" cf. Acts 2:36-39

** What two things can you think of that we were indeed far off from before we were saved?

1) From God Himself! Matthew 7:21-23
2) From the fellowship of the saints! Hebrews10:23-25

** What is the remedy to this two fold problem? What has put and end to the sinful distinctions that men make?

We "have been brought near by the blood of Christ". At great expense, the gap has been closed. We love one another because He first loved us and removed all of our sinful distinction. Christ's death on the cross brought peace between men and peace between man and his Creator.

Having seen "Our Description" and "Our Deliverance" from sinful bias and prejudice, let's bring our study to a conclusion by learning about "Our Destiny".

V. 14 to 16 - Our Destiny

V.14 ** With all of the ceremonial and cultural differences between Jew and Gentile, how is peace possible?

"For He Himself is our peace...!" Jesus Christ becomes the common focus for all Believers.
cf. Galatians 2:20

** This verse says that Jesus "made both groups into one". What is that "one" called?

The church, the body of Christ! 1Corinthians 12:12-13, Colossians 1:18, Ephesians 1:22-23

** According to Paul, in order to do this Christ had to break down the barrier of the dividing wall. What is that?

In the temple, they had constructed a wall between the court of the Gentiles and the court of the Israelites. For a Gentile to pass this wall would be asking for the death penalty. It was symbolic of the vast difference between the two lifestyles, even though these were Gentiles who had become proselytes to the Jewish faith at the hands of the Pharisees.
cf. Matthew 23:15, Acts 13:16 & 43

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