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Ephesians, Chapter Two, Lesson Two

BROUGHT NEAR IN CHRIST            Page 2
Motivate (Cont'd.)

They are as follows:

Our Description V.11-12
Our Deliverance V.13
Our Destiny V.14-16

Let's turn our hearts toward the Word of God as we read through our passage in anticipation of all that the Lord has for us in our study for today.

Read passage (V.11-13) (V.14-16)

Opening Prayer

Brought Near in Christ

V. 11 to 12 - Our Description

V.11 ** What question comes to mind as we begin this verse?

What is the "Therefore" there for? It is because Paul wants us to reflect on what he has just said concerning our position, God's pardon and our practice in the eternal plan of redemption.

** What does Paul use to begin his description of the Ephesians (and us as well)?

The cultural difference of circumcision.

** What two groups have been represented by the terms used by Paul here in verse 11?

Jewish Believers and Gentile Believers.

** How did they feel about each other prior to their common salvation?

They were extreme enemies. cf. Jonah 3:10 - 4:3

** Why do you suppose Paul used the phrase "so-called Circumcision" to describe the Jews?

He knew that the true circumcision was one made on the heart by God Himself.
cf. Romans 2:28-29

** How does Paul expand his meaning of circumcision in reference to the Jews?

Their's had been the circumcision "which is performed in the flesh by human hands". It had become a social, cultural identifying mark as much as it was religious identification.

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