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Ephesians, Chapter One, Lesson Four

HOPE IN CHRIST            Page 5
V.14 (Cont'd.)

He is the first part of our inheritance, with all "spiritual blessing in the heavenly places" guaranteed to follow when we enter into the presence of Christ in heaven.

** According to verse 14, when God made this down payment what did He have in view?

"the redemption of God's own possession"

** Have we seen this "view" expression before?

Yes, V.10 - "with a view to an administration..."

God revealed His will while looking to the fulfilling of all things in Christ, that we would be redeemed through His blood and then sealed us with the Holy Spirit, also while looking to our redemption. God's loving omniscience sees redemption's plan, over all, for our good and His glory. cf. Romans 8:28

** Does this verse indicate anything about how valuable we are to God?

Yes! We are His "own possession". cf. Titus 2:11-14
Footnote - V.13 of that passage reflects on the deity of Christ in that He is referred to as our "great God and Savior".

** Again, what is the goal of our marvelous inheritance?

It is "to the praise of His glory". As seen in verse six and in verse twelve, this is now the third time we are reminded that the Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is to be praised!


** What have you seen today about God's promise?

1) He promised us "our inheritance".
2) He planned it, independent of our wills.
3) He energized it, guarantying its success.
4) He desired it (willed it), out of His love.
5) He sealed it with the Holy Spirit.

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