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Ephesians, Chapter One, Lesson Four

HOPE IN CHRIST            Page 3
V.11 (Cont'd.)

** Do you recall its rich meaning?

lit. "to mark out the boundaries or limits beforehand". It was all God's doing, without our effort!

** Our gracious God predestined our inheritance according to four things here in verse 11. What are they?

1) His purpose - This is God's own plan, He carries it out. It is eternally settled in His mind!
2) His work - energeo (we get our word energy from this Greek word) God not only purposes to give us an inheritance, He energizes it with His omnipotence or power.
cf. Genesis18:14, Job 42:2 and Isaiah 26:4
3) His council - His resolution with reference to action. This is the Divine will as it displays itself in action.
4) His will - thelema, a desire that springs from the emotions. God's passionate love for us, His emotional nature, was governed by reason and deliberation as He fulfilled His plan of salvation on our behalf "in Christ".

V.12 ** Having been granted so wonderful an inheritance by grace, through faith in Christ, what does verse 12 say was the reason for it all? To what end was it?

That we "should be to the praise of His glory".

** Have we seen this exhortation to praise before in this letter?

Absolutely! cf. V.6 with 1Corinthians 10:31

** Who are the ones "who were the first to hope in Christ"?

Paul, the other apostles, first generation Jewish believers who had placed their hope for salvation in the Messiah of God! cf. Luke 2:25-33

** In this expression of the salvation event, what is man's part, which is stated here in verse 12?

We are the ones who "Hope in Christ"! Even though our ability to place our hope in Jesus Christ is all by God's grace, we are the ones who do it. cf. John 1:11-13 and John 11:25-26

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