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Ephesians, Chapter One, Lesson Four

HOPE IN CHRIST            Page 2

Hope in Christ


V.11 ** This verse, as we have seen, should begin with "In Him also we have obtained an inheritance" - Why is the "also" here?

So far in our study of this marvelous letter we have seen that we:

V.3 - were "Blessed...in Him"
V.4 - were "chosen...in Him"
V.5 - received our "adoption as sons through Him"
V.7 - have our "redemption through His blood"

The apostle is overwhelmed by all that we have "in Christ" and here adds that we have obtained our inheritance "also" in Him.

** The phrase "we have obtained an inheritance" translates a single compound word in the original Greek.
eklerothemen - is an aorist passive indicative and was used in classical Greek of the day to speak of something in the future that was so certain, that it could not possibly fail to happen. The Greeks would speak of such an event as if it had already taken place.

cf. Ephesians 2:6 "seated us with Him in the heavenly places" (an aorist active indicative) Even though we have not yet entered into that glorious experience, our dwelling eternally with the Lord is so certain that Paul speaks of it as if it has already taken place!

The passive form of the verb here in our verse allows for two possible renderings, both of which are consistent with what Scripture says about inheritance. One rendering would be, "we have obtained an inheritance". The other is "we were made a heritage".

**Does Scripture support the idea that Christ inherits us for His own?

Absolutely yes! cf. John 6:37 & 39, 10:29, 17:24 and Malachi 3:17

The context of Paul's statement here in chapter one though strongly supports what we have received "in Christ" and that is why the translators chose to give preference to the rendering that they did. cf. 1Peter 1:3-4

** In his very next phrase, Paul uses a word we have studied before, what is it?

Predestined (from V.5)

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