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Ephesians, Chapter One, Lesson Three

REDEMPTION IN CHRIST            Page 3
V. 7 (Cont'd.)

Forgiveness, on the other hand, provides the intimate relationship with God, and is made possible by our redemption!

Psalm 38:1-4 How great is the need?
Psalm 32:1-5 How great is the forgiveness?
Psalm 51:12-13 How great is the joy?
Psalm 103:12 How thorough is the cleansing?
Romans 8:1 How permanent is the judgment?

** What governs the extent or degree of our forgiveness?

It is "according to the riches of His grace".

** Is there a limit to God's reservoir of grace toward those who love Him?

Absolutely not! cf. Romans 5:20-21

** Is there a limit to our forgiveness, gained through the blood of Christ?

Again, absolutely not! cf. Colossians 2:13-14, 1John 2:12

V. 8 ** Earlier we saw that God "freely bestowed" His grace upon us, what phrase does Paul now use to further describe God's goodness toward us?

"which He lavished upon us" perisseuo - "to make abundant toward". It wasn't enough that God's grace comes from an unlimited supply, but because of His love toward us He must "lavish" it on us! Paul fully understood how undeserving he was of this marvelous grace. cf. 1Timothy 1:12-15

** As our loving heavenly Father makes His grace toward us abundant "in Christ", what two characteristics of God do we obtain?

"wisdom and insight" - This section of verse 8 provides a problem grammatically in the proper placement of that phrase. Remember, this is all one sentence in the original Greek (from V.3 to V.14). Is Paul saying that God graciously gave us His wisdom and insight so that we might understand the mystery of His will? cf. V.9

Or, is he saying that God was acting out of, or from His wisdom and insight by graciously letting us understand the mystery of His will?

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