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Ephesians, Chapter One, Lesson Two

BLESSED IN CHRIST            Page 4
V. 4 (Cont'd.)

** What doctrine speaks of this wonderful reality?

The Biblical doctrine of "election". The word used by Paul for "He chose us" is eklego and means to select. It comes from two other root words meaning "from out of" and "to speak". God chose us from among a fallen race and spoke His will, leading us irresistibly to salvation through faith in His Son - Jesus Christ.

** The Bible speaks of three types of election, or calling by God. Can you think of what they might be?

1) A Theocratic Call - Israel was called as a nation to be God's people, and yet not all of Israel was saved. cf. Romans 9:6-8, Romans 2:28-29

2) A Vocational Call - The tribe of Levites were called to be priest, and yet not all of them were saved. Jesus called twelve men to be His apostles, and yet one was not saved. Paul was called not only to be saved, but to the vocation of witnessing to the Gentiles.
cf. Acts 9:15 and Romans 1:5

3) A Salvation Call - Spoken of here by the apostle Paul, this is the irresistible call of God unto eternal life. cf. John 6:44 & 65

** So, here in verse 4, does the "us" represent all men?

No - it is referring to the ones we saw last week in verse one. Those who are saints by the calling of God, those who are "faithful in Christ Jesus". That would include the apostle Paul, his companions, his readers and us today who have placed our faith in Jesus Christ alone for our salvation.

** When did this choosing by God take place?

". . . before the foundation of the world . . ."

** Does that mean it is a settled issue and man has no part?

No - This is the paradox of salvation. The Bible teaches, without reservation, the sovereign choice of God in salvation, but also teaches that man is responsible for the choice he makes concerning the person of Jesus Christ.

Let's compare . . .

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