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Ephesians, Chapter One, Lesson One

FAITHFUL IN CHRIST            Page 6
V. 2 (Cont'd.)

** What about the phrase "The Lord Jesus Christ"?

I think of all the same elements or characteristics of God, but the term Lord makes my relationship more personal and intimate, as it properly describes how I am to serve him as my loving Master!


** What examples have you seen today in Paul's life or in the lives of his readers there in Ephesus, that are worthy of imitation?

1. Paul's total commitment to Christ because he knew Who had set him apart for ministry.

2. Paul boldness and confidence, tempered by genuine humility.

3. The fact that the Ephesians were known as those who were "Faithful in Christ".


** What blessings have we seen today, that when we truly consider them will prompt our hearts to a more loving obedience to the One we call Lord?

God has given us His grace and peace!


** When you consider how fortunate you are to have been so blessed, how well are you doing in following the examples set forth by the apostle Paul and the Ephesian believers?

By God's grace in your life, can it be said of you that you are living your life each day trying to be Faithful in Christ"?


** Please look back over our list of godly examples that we saw in today's passage and commit your heart to applying what you have learned! Perhaps you could pick just one item and watch this next week to see how it impacted your walk with our beloved Lord and Savior.

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