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Ephesians, Chapter One, Lesson One

FAITHFUL IN CHRIST            Page 3

Introduction (Cont'd.)

Later manuscripts all include the phrase "at Ephesus", although the oldest ones we have do not. They merely leave a blank space so we know that the letter was circulated throughout Asia Minor. The truths that Paul addresses in this epistle are not localized by geography and therefore qualifies all believers living in that area as the recipients.

6. Why did Paul write his letter to the Ephesians?

A. To express his satisfaction with the Christ-centered faith of his readers and their love for all the saints.

B. To express God's redemptive grace toward the church as being "all in Christ".

C. To draw a contrast between the world's kingdom (Rome) and God's kingdom.

Rome's glamour - Church's Glory
Rome's dictator - Gracious Lord
Unity by force - Bond of Peace
Military might - Believer's Armor

Paul lays out for us in the first three chapters of this marvelous epistle, who we are in Christ and then turns the tide by instructing us how we are to live in the last three chapters.

Alright then, with that as a backdrop, let's get into our text for today.

V. 1 ** How does Paul describe himself in this verse?

As "an apostle of Christ Jesus".

** What does that mean?

"apostolos" meant a "sent one", used 79 times in the New Testament.
All see - Matthew 10:1-2, and 5

** When was Paul sent, and by Whom?

Damascus - Acts 9:3-6, Woe to me - 1Corinthians 9:16
Under obligation - Romans 1:14-15

** What were the duties of an apostle?

Teach and pray - Acts 6:4
Build up leaders - Acts 14:23
Preach the Word - 1Corinthians 1:17
Work Miracles - 2Corinthians 12:12
Write the Word - Ephesians 1:1 (by example)

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