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Colossians, Chapter Four, Lesson Three


V.14 ** Back in Colossians 4:14, now that we have learned the secrets to "Praying with Effectiveness", who is the next individual about which Paul wishes to inform the Colossians?

Luke - Paul's personal physician and close friend.

** How do we know that Dr. Luke was a Gentile believer?

There were only three "from the circumcision" who were with Paul and working for the Kingdom of God, Aristarchus, John Mark and Jesus Justus. (V.11)

** What else do we know about him?

He is mentioned by name only two other times in the New Testament - Philemon 24 and 2Timothy 4:11. He is believed to have been born in Syrian Antioch (see Acts 11:25-26) and accompanied Paul on his missionary journeys. He is the author of The Acts of the Apostles and of the third gospel.

** How did Paul feel about this man?

He considered him to be "the beloved physician". Because Luke was such a faithful "fellow worker" he had become very dear to the apostle.

** Luke sends his greetings to the Colossians, along with Aristarchus, John Mark, Jesus Justus and Epaphras. Who else is added to this list of greeters?

Demas! A fellow worker of Paul's. cf. Philemon 24

** What do we know about Demas merely from the fact that he sends his greetings to the Colossians through this letter of Paul's?

1) He is with Paul in his imprisonment..
2) He is aware that Paul is writing to them.
3) He, too, is concerned for those in Colossae.
4) He wants to express that concern enough to ask Paul to include his own personal greeting.

** Sadly, what else do we know about this man?

He was successfully seduced by the hopelessly corrupt system.
Five years later - cf. 2Timothy 4:9-10, 2Timothy 2:4 and 1John 2:15

** In the context of "Praying with Effectiveness", what may have been lacking in the life of Demas which left him open to the "loves" of this world?

He may have fallen short in the area of agonizing in prayer, becoming worldly minded.
cf. Titus 2:11-12

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