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Colossians, Chapter Four, Lesson Two


Recognizing His Servants


V. 7 ** As Paul concludes this great letter, he wants to inform the Colossians regarding eight specific individuals. Today we will look at the first five and then next week, the final three. To whom does Paul first refer?

Tychicus - His name meant "fortuitous" or "fortunate". This godly young man had learned much from the apostle during his four years as a faithful traveling companion up to this point in the life of Paul and was indeed "fortunate" for the experience.

** How much did Tychicus know about the current life of Paul?

Everything! "As to all my affairs...[he] will bring you information"

The first example for us from these men is that God's servants are selfless.

Tychicus new all about Paul, because he served him sacrificially.
cf. Acts 20:4, Ephesians 6:21, 2Timothy 4:12 and Titus 3:12

** How did Paul fell about Tychicus? What three things does he point out regarding this amazing servant of God?

1) He was Paul's "beloved brother". A Christian of course, but more than that - his selflessness had made him "beloved" to the apostle Paul.

2) He was a faithful servant - Paul uses the word diakonos here to describe how Tychicus served him. Paul places the word "faithful" in front of diakonos for us to understand the importance of doing the job well. cf. 1Corinthians 4:1-2

3) Besides being Paul's servant, Tychicus was also a "fellow bondservant" in the Lord. Sundoulos means that Tychicus was a willing co-servant along with Paul, in service to the Lord.
cf. Romans 1:1, Galatians 1:10 and Philippians 1:1

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