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Colossians, Chapter Three, Lesson Three

SERVING THE LORD           Page 2
MOTIVATE (cont'd.)

All of us, like the elder who sets the example for us to follow, must first live out the reality of our Christian lives at home; before it can have any credibility or impact in the world around us. Let's look together at what Paul has to say about "Serving the Lord", at home first and then in the world. Please open your Bible to Colossians 3:18-25 as we set our hearts toward the Word of God.

Read passage (V.18-22) (V.23-25)

Opening Prayer

Serving the Lord


Before we begin our passage for today, may I issue a word of caution? Familiarity can breed contempt! You may think you already know the principles contained in this passage, but I would ask you to be open to whatever the Holy Spirit might teach you anew through this study, even if you have memorized the entire thing.

V.18 ** Alright then, let's get intensely practical. With whom does Paul begin his instruction regarding living the Christian life, in the name of the Lord Jesus, right in our own homes?

He begins with the "wives".

** Paul gives them a direct command, but he also gives them the reason for the command. First the command, what is it?

"...be subject to your husbands..." The phrase "be subject to" translates hupotasso, and means "to subject oneself". Here, Paul is painting the beautiful picture of a godly wife who willingly places herself under the loving headship of her husband. This same term is used of Christ when He was in the home and submitted to His parents. cf. Luke 2:51

** Are wives to be subject to any male that happens to be a husband?

No - they are to "be subject to your husbands". This is not some cold orthodoxy, cranked out under compulsion, being subject to a detached, impersonal authority. Paul is calling for the Christian wife to submit to the man with whom she shares an intimate, personal, vital relationship. When Paul wrote this instruction to Ephesus he said, "...to your own husband..."
cf. Ephesians 5:22

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