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Colossians, Chapter Three, Lesson Two

PUTTING ON LOVE            Page 6
V.17 (cont'd.)

** What does that mean?

To do everything (whatever we do in word or deed) in the name of Jesus is to act consistently with who He is and what He wants. cf. Romans 13:14 and 1Corinthians 10:31

** This too, could be cranked out in the flesh. What will prevent us from doing that in His name?

If we are genuinely giving thanks to God through Jesus Christ! cf. Ephesians 5:20 (all things)


** Besides being chosen by God for salvation, what other description did we see today regarding our relationship to God?

We are "holy and beloved" - set apart to God, who loves us with the same kind of love which He has for His Son!


** What did our heart's wardrobe look like? What are we to put on each day?

1) Compassion 2) Kindness 3) Humility 4) Gentle- ness 5) Patience and 6) Love

** What was the one thing Paul asked us to avoid?


** What were we to do in place of complaining?

Forgive others.

** How much are we to forgive - each day?

"...just as the Lord forgave you..."


** How does your heart's attire match Scripture? Are you letting the Word of Christ dwell within you to the point that it is making you more like Christ?


** May everything we do "in word or deed" be done in the name of the Lord Jesus!

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