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Colossians, Chapter Three, Lesson Two

PUTTING ON LOVE           Page 2
V.12 (cont'd.)

** It is good to see that by the choices we make, we can be involved in the high calling of bringing glory to God. However, according to Paul, how did we become saved in the first place?

We "...have been chosen by God..." - Our obedience is a choice we make. When we are successful, it is because of God's grace enabling us to obey. But our salvation is something else entirely. We were first chosen by God, at a time when we were still His enemy.
cf. 2Thessalonians 2:13, 2Timothy 1:9

** What further description does Paul add to the fact that God chose us for salvation?

We are chosen and holy and beloved. God elected us to be:

holy - hagios (set apart) from sin to Him
beloved - agapao (to love) It is amazing that our gracious God would so love us. He uses another form of this word to describe His love for His own Son.
cf. Matthew 3:17, 12:18, 17:5 agapetos

** God has done so much for us, what does He want us to do for Him according to Paul?

"Put on a heart of..." enduo lit."to put on clothes or envelope in". Paul follows that phrase with six specific things we need to "put on", while we are "Putting Aside Sin" each day.

** Here in verse 12, Paul gives us the first five items which need to be included in the wardrobe our heart. Let's look at them one at a time.

1) compassion - means "pity, mercy or sympathy", a Christlike characteristic which meets the needs of others who have no resources. cf. Luke 6:34-36 and James 5:11

2) kindness - this Greek term is referring to the grace which pervades the entire person. The kind person is truly as concerned about his neighbor's need as he is for his own.
cf. Romans 2:4

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