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Colossians, Chapter Three, Lesson One

PUTTING ASIDE SIN           Page 3

V. 3 ** In verse three, Paul gives us the second reason for us to be "Putting Aside Sin" everyday of our lives, what is it?

We "...have died and [our] life is hidden with Christ is God." There is no greater security for the soul of a believer than this marvelous truth. We are as secure as Christ Himself! Having died to our old manner of life, we now live obediently to Him who gave His all for us.
cf. Galatians 2:20

V. 4 ** Our third and final reason for "Putting Aside Sin" everyday, comes from verse four.
Do you see it?

When Jesus Christ is revealed in glory, we will be also! Our life is defined by living for the glory of Jesus Christ (He is our life), when He comes in glory, we will be with Him!
All see - Revelation 19:11-16

Alright then, the three reasons given to us by Paul for "Putting Aside Sin" everyday are:

1) We have been raised up with Christ.
2) We have died and our life is hidden with Christ in God. (We are eternally secure)
3) When Jesus Christ comes again in glory, we will be with Him!

V. 5 ** Those are very compelling reasons for us to live each day avoiding sin, what does Paul want us to do in consideration of those three reasons?

"Therefore, consider the members of your earthly body as dead to..." Since everything he has been saying is true, we should consider our body as dead to the sinful impulses or wooing power which sin has over the fallen creation. cf. Romans 7:8,11,13

** Why does Paul tell us to consider our bodies "as dead" to sin? What does that term bring to mind?

Dead is speaking of incapable to respond. A corpse cannot be seduced into rising up and doing evil, neither should we be seduced by sin to disobey our gracious Lord.

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