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Colossians, Chapter Two, Lesson Four


Strengthening the Flock


V.16 ** How do we know that Paul's instruction for today is based upon the truths he shared with us
last week?

He begins his thoughts with "therefore" - a direct reference to what he has just said. Because of our firm foundation in the "working of God" (V.12), we should be able to stand confidently against any heretical attack that may come.

** So, armed with God's truth, what are we to avoid?

Do not let anyone "act as your judge..." lit. "do not let anyone judge you"

** Is Paul saying that Christians do not judge one another?

No - We have learned that we are accountable to each other, that our lifestyle matches what we have learned. If we stray from obedience to Christ and others perceive it, that "judgment" is used to win us back to a close walk with the Lord.
cf. 1Corinthias 5:9-13, Matthew 18:15-17, Romans 15:14

** Well, if we are to "judge" one another, what does Paul mean by "let no one act as your judge"?

In the realm of spiritual legalism, we obey One Master through the careful understanding of His Word. We do not follow the legalistic teaching of spiritual leaders who try to add works to belief in Jesus Christ. cf. Romans 10:4 and Galatians 5:1

** To what four areas does Paul now refer as being prime for the influence of religious legalism?

1) Food or drink - Leviticus 11, Dietary Laws cf. Romans14:13-17, Acts 10:9-16
2) Festivals - Annual: i.e.Passover, Pentecost from Leviticus 23, cf.1Corinthians 5:7
3) New moon - Time of sacrifices, Numbers 28:11-14 cf. Hebrews 7:27, 10:10
4) Sabbath day - A sign to Israel of the Old Covenant, Exodus 31:16-17
cf. Acts 20:7, 1Corinthians 16:1-2

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