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Colossians, Chapter Two, Lesson One

LOVING THE FLOCK            Page 6


** What word did Paul use in today's passage to describe his lifestyle in the ministry?

It was a "struggle"! agon - Paul would agonize in the pursuit of "Loving the Flock" into a closer walk with Christ.

** How did his willingness to labor and even suffer on behalf of the Colossians impact their minds?

It was encouraging for them to see him stand for the same faith for which they were standing.


** That should help us to answer this next question. What were the two ways in which Paul was "Loving the Flock" in this passage?

1) Struggling for their continued walk of faith.

2) By walking them through what they share in Christ.


** How can you best follow Paul's example? Do you feel qualified to do your part in "Loving the Flock"?

If you do, why are you qualified? - Because of the salvation granted to you by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, you are now qualified to show His love to His flock! cf. John 13:34-35


** If we belong to Jesus Christ, we are to spend our lives "Loving the Flock" for His name sake. Would you ask the Lord to give you opportunities to put into practice what we have learned today?

Father, thank You for Your gift of Jesus Christ and the salvation You have given to me in His name. May I honor Him by "Loving the Flock" the way that You do with each opportunity that comes my way.

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